Hi, I'm a creative consultant - bringing with me my experience as a creative leader on some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in the world over 20+ years. A writer and closet-strategist, what I really do is solve problems and find opportunities through creativity.

All In Illinois
Not a campaign, a rallying cry
The Vaseline Healing Project
Social purpose for real good
Invisalign Global Brand
Built from the ground up
IL Lottery
Reigniting a winning feeling
Global repositioning of Vaseline
Building a new case for an old friend
Making Waves
Shattering the bass ceiling
Associated Bank
Regional bank takes on the big guys
Mercedes C-Class Launches
Work for Mercedes-Benz
Let's Fix Dinner
Launch of a brand mission for Stouffers
Off the Hook
Go Fish - the experience
Pacha Collective
From dirty hippy to purpose that pampers
Vaseline Spray & Go
Launch campaign for Vaseline Spray & Go
Design Stuff
Copywriter gets to work with amazing designers
ECD-ing Colle McVoy
Goody "Dad Hair Day"
Dads can do their daughter's hair too
The Most Interesting Man - Year 2
Lip Therapy Launch
The Healing Power of Vaseline for lips
Calphalon Knife Skills
Content series to launch self-sharpening knives.
Marketing launch of DSW
TBS - Sex and the City Launch
Campaign for the launch in syndication on TBS.
Mercedes E Class
You may never want to leave it
Walk a mile in your baby's diaper
Women & Co
Lauch of Women & Co. for Citigroup
Canada Dry
Get Gingery!
Launch for BMW coupe
Fox Sports-NASCAR
I finally learned why people love NASCAR
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