Hi, I'm a creative consultant - bringing with me my experience as a creative leader on some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in the world over 20+ years. A writer and closet-strategist, what I really do is solve problems and find opportunities through creativity.

All In Illinois
Not a campaign, a rallying cry
The Vaseline Healing Project
Social purpose for real good
IL Lottery
Reigniting a winning feeling
Global repositioning of Vaseline
Building a new case for an old friend
Illinois Tourism
The middle of everything.
Invisalign Global Brand
Built from the ground up
Making Waves
Shattering the bass ceiling
Associated Bank
Regional bank takes on the big guys
Mercedes C-Class Launches
Work for Mercedes-Benz
Let's Fix Dinner
Launch of a brand mission for Stouffers
Off the Hook
Go Fish - the experience
Pacha Collective
From dirty hippy to purpose that pampers
Vaseline Spray & Go
Launch campaign for Vaseline Spray & Go
Design Stuff
Copywriter gets to work with amazing designers
ECD-ing Colle McVoy
Goody "Dad Hair Day"
Dads can do their daughter's hair too
The Most Interesting Man - Year 2
Lip Therapy Launch
The Healing Power of Vaseline for lips
Calphalon Knife Skills
Content series to launch self-sharpening knives.
Marketing launch of DSW
TBS - Sex and the City Launch
Campaign for the launch in syndication on TBS.
Mercedes E Class
You may never want to leave it
Walk a mile in your baby's diaper
Women & Co
Lauch of Women & Co. for Citigroup
Canada Dry
Get Gingery!
Launch for BMW coupe
Fox Sports-NASCAR
I finally learned why people love NASCAR
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