You know those tables of raw soap at Whole Foods with no labels?  The ones you probably assume are just bulk Whole Foods soap?  Then you know Pacha. 
No one really knows the Pacha brand, which is a bummer  because Pacha is an amazing company started by an incredible young couple with the powerful belief that business can free people. To live this, Pacha sets up clean water projects in developing countries and help establish soap shops in those communities so the locals can achieve economic freedom. You want a company like this to win.
So when Pacha came to us, they knew they needed to expand into other retailers. They also assumed that advertising was the way to do it. We thought a better place to start was to define and evolve their brand and product lines to be better poised for distribution and line expansion.  
Though they had "dirty hippy" roots, this crunchy persona wasn't really meshing with the incredible quality of their product and was limiting without true packaging or product variety.
To hone their positioning we looked to find the intersection of good for me, and good for the world.
This lead to our brand purpose: Good Starts with You
We started by updating their logo and tweaking the name to better represent who the brand really was.  The new logo is designed to appeal to a broader audience and reflect its premium products. The mark represents water and the ripple-effect that the Pacha mission creates.​​​​​​​
Changing from "Soap Co" to "Collective" not only gave them room to expand to other products, it better represented the culture of Pacha. They took it to heart, and took all the doors down in their HQ. ​​​​​​​
We worked with Pacha to find blends that represented bath solutions women were really looking for every day.  New names helped put the benefits front and center, then paid off by unique ingredients.
We created patterns for each blend, using techniques similar to how the soaps themselves are made.  Marbling with paint was done manually then digitally enhanced to create the individual patterns. 
Pacha already had some amazing bath hits like froth bombs and salt blocks, but we worked with them to develop new products based on target (and Target) insights.  New product forms will bring good to every day vs rare moments of pampering. 

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