Global repositioning of Vaseline

Vaseline had become just another brand in a homogenous body care category. It lacked focus across its product portfolio globally.
But Vaseline had a secret weapon.   They were the creators of little jar that everyone in the world has in the back of their medicine cabinet – Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.
The Healing Power of Vaseline built off this heritage and became not just the new global positioning and tagline, but the mission statement for how the brand evolved. All products were reformulated to contain Vaseline Jelly, and healing drives all new product innovations.

A launch spot designed to remind people of Vaseline's amazing healing heritage. 
(Password protected as this won't launch till late 2016).
Creatives: Dean Woodhouse, Hugo Bierschenk, Hemant Jain
Director: John Hillcoat

This was the first truly global positioning for Vaseline and we launched it everywhere glabally with simple skin healing metaphors and the simple claim "Your skin healed."

Creatives:  Thibault Gerard, Daniel Poletto,  Katie Facada
Creatives: Thibault Gerard, Katie Facada
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