We built the Invisalign brand from the ground up.  From a purpose driven idea that spoke to consumers and professional audiences to better touch points like a premium brand ID, new packaging, website, apps and their first retail stores. This was truly a brand creation.
Regardless of age, gender or photography, we all see a great smile as a way to move forward in life.  "Made to Move" is a rallying-cry to find the next amazing version of yourself. 
Here's how the brand came to life holistically. 
Brands are everything they make do or so, so we gave Invisalign a brand presence more fitting of its premium status.  Use of black, gold and cues more often seen in technology brands, took it out of medical and into prestige. 
Brand ID Design: Jen Orth, Diana Quenomoen, Anna Morse Packaging Design: Diana Quenomoen
Invisalign is a game changer for teens.  
We just needed to find ways to talk to them about what they want - to do it all. 
CD: Puja Shah  Creatives: Dan Linnihan, Zach DeBlaey
CD: Puja ShahCreatives: Dan Linnihan, Zach DeBlaey
We hooked up with media channel AwesomenessTV to create 2 seasons of episodes following teens who are following their passions and can't be held back.  We paired teens with mentors like DJs and Directors to help them make their move.
Invisalign is the first clear aligner to be able to treat stage 1 (that's orthodontist for little kids).  We wanted to embrace the real smiles of kids and our photography now replaces bad office art in orthodontist's offices nationwide.  You're welcome.

CD: Michelle Cherland    Art Director: Taylor Snyder   CW Eric Hansen   ​​​​​​​

We got to design every aspect of the brand walls at corporate HQ that remind employees of the brand purpose, to their first retail stores experience, to how the brand shows up at trade-shows. The brand voice comes through in every touchpoint. ​​​​​​​
This is a medical category, and a lot of it can get really technical and frankly, kinda grody.  But we set out to make every touchpoint as high-tech and premium as the Invisalign product.  We created aligners in CG and even showed things like moving teeth in a more elevated, cool-way. 

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