To get more people fishing, we needed to get it into culture and show how freaking easy it actually is. Off the Hook is a pop-up fishing experience making its way this summer around the country. Showing up in unexpected urban locations (hello Pier 84 in Manhattan), anyone could try their hand at angling.
A bait-shop on steroids, everything was designed to make fishing fun, accessible and instagrammable. 
Designer: Kelly O'Halloran . Creatives: Becca Abellera, Rotem Raffe .  
Producer: Brad Smith . Production Company: Street Factory.
Fake bait was set-up like a candy store and a huge hit with kids.  Real wax-worms were also available, and many hooks were baited by agency folk (who says we're soft). 
Mural illustrated by Kelly O'Halloran.
Instagram moments everywhere.
Edible tackle boxes for snacking. 

ESPN's Jessica Mendoza gets her fish on. 

Hey that's the Minnesota Wild's Jason Zucker and his mini-Zucker. 

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