Conceived and launched in just 3 days at the beginning of COVID-19, "All In Illinois" became a rallying-cry for the state. Over the following months it was the State's umbrella over initiatives from encouraging the sacrifice of       quarantine to supporting restaurant take-out to reminding people to wear masks consistently.  Launched by Governor Pritzker at his daily press conference, it became his unifying handle for Illinois in this crisis.
Head of Design/GCD: Marian Williams. Designer: Sam Baliga
All In for our support of our kids and our parents.

Yeah I put my kid in this (the last kid in the spot). I'm using covid as my excuse.  Creatives: Marian Williams, Pat Durkin, Angela Coster, Bob Jenkins. Editor: Keith Guerrero. 

All In our commitment to wearing masks.

Creatives: Marian Williams (GCD), Pat Durkin, Angela Coster. Photographer/Director: Sandro

The only time in my career, I've have seen my work on a D.O.T. sign.
All In our support of restaurants thru take-out and delivery. 

GCD: Marian Williams. Writer: Pat Durkin. Photographers: Danny O'Donnell, Wilbert Cheng, Me. Editor: Keith Guerrero

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