The Healing Project

Vaseline is one of the essentials supplies that relief groups send into areas of crisis and disaster - where something as simple as a cut can turn into a serious problem. So we created The Healing Project, a partnership with Direct Relief to donate supplies and send much needed dermatologists on medical missions.   We documented missions in the Philippines, Kenya and Za'atari to launch the project.
Creatives: Mikio Bradley, Klara Lindberg.    Producer: Christina Carter
Vaseline donates product and doctors, but everyone can help in the effort.  Ads, content and social posts took people to our kit builder where you could add much needed supplies to a Direct Relief aid kit.  You could donate something as simple as a roll of gauze or an entire birthing kit. 

The stories of the places that the Healing Project help, bring the program, it's need and impact to life.  Vaseline's robust social following was a great place to share these stories and engage people in the program.
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