To accelerate growth on the Illinois Lottery, we set out to remind Illinoisans of what winning feels like. We wanted to not just say, but show the people of the state that Illinois is full of winners.
The Lottery is for-reals fun but our communications didn't feel fun and was getting a little dusty. So we moderned it all up a bit and took one of our brand elements - the rainbow in the pot of gold - and made it a thing. We paired this with a new style of photography which was much more real and candid and you get a genuine and very Illinois-feeling brand. 
            The brand tagline "Illinois is Full of Winners" couldn't have more meaning than it did during the coronavirus.          In the early weeks of the crisis, we highlighted a real story of an Illinois family who was going above and beyond to do their part. The nurse was also the wife of the director, so this serendipity allowed us to do a totally safe shoot, just weeks into the crisis. 

Creatives: Aubrey  Walker, Danny O'Donnell. Producer: Austen Williams. Director: Simon Reinert. Music: Human

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