I got the honor to share the stage with Corie Barry (then CFO, now CEO of Best Buy) and talk about staying where you are or moving around for new opportunities. 
She's awesome.  MPLS Madwomen is awesome. Here's a recap below by MPLS Madwomen. 

Do I stay or do I go now? This question might come up when contemplating your day job, a volunteer opportunity or even a relationship. When building a career, there will be times you decide to pass along the baton or pick it up; will you seek an internal promotion, or an outside opportunity? Two fiercely talented women confirmed, there isn’t one right path to leadership: Laura Fegley current ECD at Colle + McVoy and Corie Barry, EVP and Chief Financial Officer of Best Buy, weighed the pros and cons of when to stay and when to go. #StayOrGo?
Make moves to make money?
At times, you might feel like you have to leave the place you work in order to make more money; this is not always necessary. If you don’t want to leave your current role, but want to make more, play in the experience you’ve gained and use it to make a case for yourself. Research what you would make at a different place for the role you desire. Gather data—reference national salary standards—and consider them alongside your performance. Then, write yourself into the story of a new role or increase in salary. Help spark the ideation to get you to where you want to be.
You have to be pragmatic and sweat a little.
Stay put vs. explore
You don’t want to get stale or too comfortable in your current role. If you feel hungry for experience, change or new opportunities in general, you might consider a new role instead of staying at your organization. Whether or not you choose to take the leap into a different job and are concerned about “job-hopping”, remember, it’s not about the amount time you spend in a role, it’s about what you get out of the situation. Curiosity, drive and ethics are all valuable characteristics recruiters look for when taking-on talent. If you plan to seek a new position or if you’ve jumped around between roles, articulate how the roles informed and enriched the experience you have today.
Collect your ‘best of’ and bring a pu pu platter [of experience] to your next job
Help others navigate decisions
Change is hard because it’s the death of something, a place, a routine or friendships you’ve made. However, change is meant to be hard, because it leads to something better. If someone you know is thinking about leaving their role, try to be a friend. Help them think through their decision selflessly. Channel your inner therapist and help people make the right decisions.
Change doesn’t have to mean leaving the people you love, remember change means the upside is worth it.
Take a deep breath, it’s just a job and you’re going to have a lot of them. Hopefully you can apply the advice shared by our speakers to your life and find the right path for you. If you do decide to leave your current role, leave thoughtfully, respectfully and carefully. Thank you to everyone who came out last night and to all of our sponsors. You too can join the Mpls MadWomen community as a sponsor and help us make a difference.
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