At Colle McVoy, I oversaw a team of 30 copywriters and art directors and a team of CDs and GCDS.  This included building the department with new talent and the care and development of the team. I also had executive creative oversight of around half the accounts - my job was to make sure we were finding the best opportunities for clients and making the creative, world-class.  
As a member of the Senior Leadership team, I was able to spearhead initiatives for the creative department and agency.  I established "What's Next Sessions" - a process to workshop potential areas of opportunities for clients.  In our department I also established a new creative allocation process, a mentorship program and brought in some awesome talent to round us out. 

Jackson Hole "Stay Wild"   GCD: Dustin Black .  Writer Carl Peterson

Jackson Hole Tag Responsibly Writers: Eric Hansen, Anne Parrin

Children's Health "Kids Rule"  GCD: Dustin Black .  Writer: Michelle Cherland .  Art Director: Jake Carlsrud

 3M - #ParentsComingOut     GCD: Dustin Black .  CW: Becca Abellera .  AD: Yamini Raja

While I was at Colle McVoy, we made our content production offering official and established new ways of working to provide more on-brand content for all our client's channels.  We aimed to include our video and photo shooters with every larger production and the talents of our content makers allowed us to deliver on projects we might not be able to afford with outside vendors at quality as good or better.     ​​​​​​​
Content   Director/DP/Editor: Carl Martin .   Photographer: Ben Muller .  Producer: Kym Carranza-Meurer​​​​​​​
Oh and I got to do fun things like work on the redesign of the creative floor (for maximum idea-sharing - hello rolling boards), create new agency culture staples like "Rock Out with Your Crock Out, "The Ultimate Cookie Showdown" and do awesome things like fish house brainstorms. ​​​​​​​
More more more. We made a lot of work the last couple years. From 100 buck social films to VR projects to a documentaries about a giant bull statue and a town obsessed with gnomes and an episodic series for teens into soccer. .
CD: Puja Shah    Creatives: Zach DeBlaey, Dan Linnihan

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